8 May 2015-Confrontation with security forces cause about 50 wounded, 30 arrests and many police cars and motorbikes burned.

On May, 7 in Mahabad, city in the west of Iran, the demonstration of angry citizens and above all young people before a hotel led to a huge confrontation with the repressive forces, making about 50 wounded and at least 30 arrests. According to some sources, 2 demonstrators have been killed.

The brave population of Mahabad rose up against the death of the young Farinaz Khosravani, 26 years old who worked at Hotal Tara. On May, 4 trying to escape an intelligence agent who wanted to rape her, she threw herself out of a window from the 4th floor and lost her life. Farinaz Khosravani had a bachelor degree in computer sciences and was financially supporting her family thanks to her job at the hotel. 

The angry population who came to demonstrate in front of the hotel Tara, faced the security forces and intelligence agents who came to disperse the crowd by shooting and bludgeoning. But seen the size of the movement the authorities had to get reinforcement from the neighbouring cities of Oroumieh and Miandoab.

During the clash, the demonstrators burnt symbols of the regime as well as vehicles and motorbikes belonging to the security forces. During the confrontation part of hotel Tara was burnt down since it was suspected to be in contact with intelligence services.